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Customer Testimonials

"I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the plants that you sent to me. They are absolutely wonderful. I was very surprised that they were all as mature as they were. I am so delighted with all the plants and the care in which you pack the plants. Everything is more than I had imagined. You certainly will be my only source of plants for our garden. Thanks again from a very pleased and satisfied customer." -Gary, WI

"I just received my order and the plants are in the best condition that I have ever received from any on-line nursery. My thanks to you." -Bill, KY

"Hi! Just wanted to let you know that I recieved my plant yesterday and I am very happy with the condition of it , at first I had thought the shipping was a little high but after seeing how well the plant looked when I recieved it, it was worth it. I have ordered plants before from a big company like ***** and the plants were dry and the dirt and plants were all over the box. I am very happy with my order and I am glad I placed it early for it because I see you are sold out. Thanks again and I plan to order again in the future." -Lisa, OH

"My order arrived today. What superb packing! I've never had such a perfect shipment. The plants are in great condition. Thanks to all." -Barb, NY

"Plants arrived and look great." - Don, LA

"Just wanted to tell you that the plants look great!! I was pleasantly shocked at the sizes of the plants - they were all very large and well established!! I have already placed my second order from you" -Val, PA

"My plants arrived today and I just wanted to send you a quick note because they shipped perfectly and look to be in excellent health. I was so pleased when I saw them. I've bought mail order plants many of times and yours definitely are the best of seen. I can't wait to plant them. Thanks again." -Justine, IL

"The flowers arrived in excellent shape yesterday, and were planted in my window boxes today. They are so much bigger and healthier than the purple ones (million bells) I purchased from a local nursery, even though the pots are the same size. I'm so happy I took a chance on your company -- I will be happy to order from you again." - Lisa, PA

"I received the package yesterday. I have never seen a rose so healthy and so well packaged. You all are amazing! I love my Eden Rose and will be sending you more orders for sure. Thank you so much!" -H.P., VA

"Just received my plants and am very pleased. They were nice large plants and extremely well packaged. For sure you are on my list for reorder." - George, MD

"I just wanted to let you know that I received the 2 boxes of plants I ordered today....they are in very good condition and are healthy and's been a pleasure dealing with you and your company...thank you" - Teresa, NC

"I just wanted you to know how pleased I was when I opened the box with my plants enclosed. They were in great shape and looked like I had just picked them up from the nursery myself. They were still moist and in great shape. I planted them the day they arrived. -Ruth, OH

"Chris-received my order on Friday, as you said. Everything was great-excellent packing & taping! Look forward to doing more business in the future. Thanks & have a great week!" Kim, GA

"Thank you for your great service and quick shipment." -Brendan, NY

"The last order I got arrived in perfect condition. The plants were even larger than I expected and are doing very well in the garden. It is a plesaure doing business with you." -Anne, MA

"I received the plants today in perfect condition. I was so excited that I put them in the ground right away! I am looking forward to ordering more from your site- what a great experience!!!" -Sarah, IA

"I just wanted to let you know that my shipment made it here safely. I am very impressed with the condition, size and packaging of the plants...everything look great! Thanks again for your excellent service. I will not hesitate to order from you again as well as recommend you guys to others. Thank You!! Another happy customer" - Rebecca, OH

"Thank you very much for your unbelievably superb service. I recieved my dahlia mystic series plants 24 hours after I ordered them. They look great!!! I must tell you that I searched every where for these plants. I had almost given up when I found your website. Then only one day later I have my plants. I am very excited!!!! I am just about done my garden for this season (the planting part anyway) but I promise to keep your website in my favorites and to be ordering next spring. Thanks again." -Jolan, IL

"Just wanted to tell you I received the plants last evening and am very impressed with the quality of the plants and of the packing. I must tell you that I am sorry that I just found you now as I searched the web for a retailer having bacopa - as I would have bought all my orders from you!! I will definetely be a customer in future years!!! Again, thank you for the fast and safe delivery of such beautiful plants!!!" -Sharon, IL

"Everything arrived yesterday in great shape - thank you." -Klaus, NY

"I received my order today - I am VERY HAPPY !! Thank you for the Customer Service and FAST delivery. I WILL be returning to your Web Site. Thanks again" -Cindy, MN

"I was overwhelmed by the speed with which my order was shipped and received but nothing compared to how well they were packed! I don't think they could have made a trip from my local garden center to my home in better condition. Not to mention that I couldn't find those items at my local garden center. Thanks. I'll definitely be ordering from you again!" -Carla, RI

"Wanted to let you know the Clematis arrived safely today. Nice packaging and the plant looks great; even has a lovely bud just opening up on it!! Thank you for your prompt service and I look forward to doing business with you again." -Patti, IN 
"Thank you for such great service. I recently ordered ornamental grass. It arrived the next day and in excellent condition." -Carol, IN

"Hi, Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how pleased I was with my order. The rose was packed perfectly, arriving in better condition than some plants I buy at local nurseries. It is so healthy, and it even has quite few buds on it already. I can't wait to see them open. Thank you for your incredible customer service! I will definitely order again." -Donna, NY

"I have searched for the elusive Red Eden rose for three years; thankfully I found one available on your website. I placed the order and received the rose in perfect condition two days later. I am thrilled with the rose, but also with the outstanding service I received. I will certainly shop with you again and will recommend you to others! Thanks so much!" -Emily TN

"The plants arrived today and I am very pleased! They look great and were packed the best that I have ever seen plants packed. I do a lot or online plant purchasing and I am impressed with the boxing. The quick shipping was also nice. I see that you have a number of really nice hardy hibiscus. I will check them out as I would love to have one or two more in my garden. They are so beautiful. Thanks again." -Ellen, OH

"Your method of packing plants is incredible. I have never had anyone go to so much trouble to assure that a plant arrives in superior condition. I do not order many plants, but I will not hesitate to order from you again. I will also tell all of my friends about you!! Thanks again for investing so much time and effort into your shipping process!!!" -Sheila, GA

"I ordered 2 Chicago Peace roses from you and they arrived in perfect condition. The first rose just now is opening up and it is beautiful! Thank you for your excellent quality! -Diane, NC

"Thanks for the shipment of Picasso Petunias. They are absolutely gorgeous plants which will absolutely be the envy of the neighborhood. Also your ordering and delivery on line is great! Thanks again." -Eve. MA

"Just wanted to let you know that we received the plants earlier than expected and the plants looked GREAT!!!! We have ordered plants from other nurseries and they didn't make it or were in poor condition when we received them which has made us leary of ordering live plants from anyone. The way you pack your plants makes a huge difference, never had them packed like that before. Thank you for taking the time to ensure customer satifaction. Look forward to ordering from you again soon." Bobbie, MO

"Wanted to let you know we received the plants yesterday and are so impressed with the quality and shipping of the plants. Am so glad I found you on the internet." - Don, PA

"I wanted to let you all know that the Burning Hearts arrived in great shape and are doing well in Atlanta soil. Thanks for the extra effort." - Ken, GA

"I recieved my order from you and the plants are beautiful and healthy. I am extremely happy with the service and the plants. Thank you so much." -Madelyn,

"You guys are amazing! I just received my second order from you (and just completed a third) and I am truly astounded at the quality of the plants and the care that clearly went into the packing. You make your competitors look like amateurs. I have always avoided mail ordering plants because it is always something of a crapshoot. That's over. You have won my business forever. You should be very proud of the quality you provide your customers." -Mike, IL

"I just received my order. It was packed and shipped as nicely as any I have ever received. I will be ordering more from you. Thank you" -Tom, TN

"I placed my first order with you last week and received the order this week. The plants are the most beautiful and best-packaged plants I've ever received by mail order. I look forward to ordering from you again in the future." - Cheryl, MO

"Wow! I just received my first order and they are beautiful!!! Yes, I received it "after" I placed my 2nd order today... which I thought was quite risky since I had no idea how the plants from my first order would look.  What a surprise! The plants are beautiful and very healthy. Both the plants and packaging surpass anything I have ever seen with plants through the mail and I've ordered a lot of plants.  Not sure I'll ever order from anyone but you. Thank you so much."  -Carolyn, IL

"I very recently ordered some geranium crainsbill. I have to tell you , I was very impressed! They were shipped so fast, and the packaging like I have never seen before. You can be sure that I will order from you again.  Thank you so much." -Darlene, WI

"My plants arrived today and they are perfect. They were so well packaged and so very healthy. Thank you so much! I will definitely order from you again." - Sarah, TX